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Bus Updates for the 2021/2022 School Year:
-Masks will be mandatory on the bus
-The front row seats will be closed
-Students will have assigned seats
-Efforts will be made to space students to maintain social distancing
-Students are allowed to have 1 primary stop and 1 secondary stop. There will be no transportation to other places (i.e. friend's house, birthday party, etc.)
-In town pick ups and drop offs will be limited
-Students that show symptoms during the day will not be allowed to ride the bus home

Check out the school bus safety information below:

Minnesota Safety Patrol Brochure

For more information on student safety while riding the bus visit 

DPS and the MN State Patrol have created a video about school bus stop arm safety. To view the video visit here

Stop Means Stop - to view the video visit here

Activity Bus

The activity bus is up and running! Please click here for schedule and stops.

School Bus

Transportation Director
Eric Kulju